Bringing energy and happiness to people
and the world through the power of excitement.

Japan’s leading entertainment pop culture – anime, comics and games.
The [excitement] created by these things have a strong power. It is a power that moves and enriches that hearts of people. When you see a beautiful painting, listen to memorable music, or think of a charming character, your heart will be lifted, and the excitement is never-ending. We’ve all experienced something like this, haven’t we? Such [excitement] allows people to find happiness in the ordinary events of everyday life, and it also helps to overcome difficulties in life. Believe in the power of this [excitement] and use it to create energy and happiness for people and the world. This is the purpose and duty of Masameya.


We provide high-quality, innovative
experiences to create excitement in the
hearts of those who love entertainment.

The excitement we bring is not just a product but an elevated and innovative experience.
Through those experiences, we hope to become a leading company in the entertainment pop culture in Japan.



  • 01. To deeply understand our customers.

    Understanding is the key to creating [excitement] in the hearts of our customers. We have a deep understanding of the hearts and minds of our customers that love entertainment. And sometimes we understand what moves someone’s heart, and not just a superficial understanding, but a deeper understanding than even of that someone. And when we think of something, we always think ‘What will it bring for the customer?’.

  • 02. To take on new challenges.

    New values are created by taking on challenges, making mistakes, and continuing to learn from them. We share a perspective not bound by existing values and biases, and a heart that is not afraid of failure. And we continue to challenge ourselves to bring greater value.

  • 03. Enjoyment from the heart.

    We only provide genuine enjoyment from the bottom of our hearts to our customers' hearts. The only way we can bring enjoyment to our customers is if we ourselves have that enjoyment. Enjoying what we do. To truly enjoy oneself, it is to be responsible and sincere in one's work. Working together as a team to spread joy and be proud of what we create.

エントランス エントランス

I want a special something that makes someone feel closer to oneself. Something that changes the ordinary into a moment of excitement. But that something is not in the market. if not, then I will make it!
And from that simple idea, Masameya Inc. was established. And 13 years has gone by.

Established in 2010 with the goal of “contributing to the development of Japanese culture by bringing excitement to the hearts of those who love Japanese culture”, we initially focused on developing products for Sengoku warlords and event planning. Then, in 2016, the character fragrance brand “primaniacs” and in 2020, the blended tea brand “Gin-Iro-Neko Tea Salon” were launched. We have refined and grown our businesses that bring exciting experiences.
Both brands are businesses that focus on entertainment content and aim to deliver amazing experiences to the fans.

And now, under the slogan "SHAKE THE HEARTS", Masameya creates and promotes new business ideas as the [SHAKER].
The word [SHAKE] takes on many meanings including [taking on the challenge of creating never seen before value], [being proactive taking on the world], and [having the spirit and confidence of someone that create and bring value].
For us, it’s key that we do not disappoint the expectations of our fans.
However, we shouldn’t be limited to this notion. In the best way possible, we must continue to challenge and "betray" the expectations of our fans.
We strive to not only thoroughly understand the customers’ sense of value, but to also go beyond those superficial needs and anticipate needs and wants they never thought they had. And through our business, we will create great excitement for people who love entertainment. For this reason, we continue to take on the challenge of bringing that [SHAKE] everyday.

To make [SHAKE THE HEART] a reality, our priority as a company is its focus on strengthening our employees.
We live in a world that’s changing rapidly, and it’s certainly more difficult than you can imagine continuing to come up with new initiatives given the current state of the world.
However, what makes this possible is none other than our employees who trust each other with a sense of responsibility, who can take action to keep taking in new things, and who truly enjoy their work.
We are actively working to create a corporate culture that can create an ideal place for our employees. We aim to build an environment where people who share the company's philosophy and who drive forward together, demonstrate their best performance.

It has been 13 years since Masameya Inc. was established. With the support of many people, we have continued to grow our business significantly even in severe economic times.
We will continue to grow and progress further as a company by providing high-quality, innovative experiences that can only be created by our exciting corporate culture. Expect great things from Masameya! CEO
Ayako Kato

Masameya Official Account

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